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   This 1949 Austin A40 Pickup belongs to Jeffrey Pinsonneault of Tucson Arizona. He purchased it in 1984 while working in England and then in 1985 he brought it back with him to the USA. It is currently under restoration. 


This nicely restored 1953 Austin A40 Countryman belongs to Syd Laturnus of Vancouver.

 Syd wrote:
"As near as we can figure, the car was brought into B.C. in 1953 and sold out of Fred Deeley's dealership in Vancouver. It saw duty with the B.C. Forestry Service and was part of a small fleet of timber-cruisers used by inspectors and so on. Thus the olive-drab paint job. It sat in a greenhouse in White Rock for a number of years after that, and my father restored it - frame off - in the early 1990s. Everything was done, but the interior is surprisingly good shape. My brother painted the car. Syd also took out the original 34-tooth differential gears and replaced them with a set out of an A40 sedan, because it was geared so low and wouldn't go much past 40 mph without over-revving the engine. Now, you can cruise reasonably comfortably - all things considered - at 60 mph.  Syd drives the car on a fairly regular basis and, since the restoration, has had zero problems with it."

"Syd blew the original engine of the A40 on his way to the Van Dusen Gardens ABFM two years ago….right at the Oak Street Bridge..…put a fist-sized hole through the block when one of the connecting rod bearings let go. New engine was installed a few weeks later and so far, all is good."

This Austin J4 van found a new owner. Frank French of the Edmonton sports car club

Here is an update on the J4

 I just got the 68 Austin J4 back from British Columbia. A journey and a half helped by my good friend Len whose truck and trailer we used to haul the beast back from BC.
It looks like one of the vehicles that Practical Classics would pick for restoration. But we put it on the trailer and dragged it back to Alberta. Only took us two days, about 1500 Km. It involved a plane trip, a ferry ride and a long long drive.
We got her unloaded at the friends farm about eleven at night. There are bits and pieces missing, the original picture I'd seen had the signal light lenses there but they've gone walk about. The seats had been missing but they turned up, however the vinyl is rock hard so they need to be replaced. I got the rear seat out of a BMW at a wrecker's yesterday and the idea is to make up some seats out of the leather from the Bimmer. Top cover over the engine is gone, just a piece of plywood over there. The sheet metal that would of been over the wiper motor is missing, no idea what shape that is... may be requesting shots of someone's J4 interior so I can get an idea of what's not there.
The van is to be a project vehicle for my car club, the idea being it'll be useful to show people brakes and wiring and things like that. The fellow who's farm we dropped it at restores cars and tractors. Well he took a look at it in the daylight and said there's a lot of work there... really he said you have a lot of work there so I guess I do... and you know what that means I will be asking for information. To show you what I mean by a project I uploaded some photo's taken this week. They're in the Photo's under Alberta J4. To start off, anyone know where to get lenses for those lights, front and rear? Anyone willing to take a picture of the engine cover and the wiper motor cover. And the windshield rubber has perished though the glass is good, anyone know of a good rubber suppler? Found one on a Morris J site but don't know if they'd be the same. Thanks in advance.
Edmonton Alberta


More updates as of July 2009

Not a lot going on with the J4, we have been successful in finding some parts on eBay and for awhile captured the market in light fixtures. (still need tail lenses) Signed up with the Morris Commercial club and have heard from a few of the members there with J4's.

Setting up a 'course' with my local club and a garage that works on British Vehicles to do a brake session and we're hoping to get the van rolling a little easier. It's quite the job to get it to roll at all. Hope to have five or six members take the course and learn how to do drum brakes. The cylinders are Magnette III's so the local guy is trying to track them down. Other parts were the same as Austin Healey so that's good. I did get some parts from but the deal here is buy the parts and he'll help do the install so that was a fair enough deal to make me stop with what I had on the internet and go local.

Also hope to get some parts off a fellow in the Morris Commercial club who has a parts van, little things that were missing like engine cover and seat and cover over the wiper motor as well as a steering wheel in good condition. He's got them gathered up just trying to find out how much shipping will be. Not cheap I'm sure...

Next course after the brake course is a check up on the Austin 1600 engine I have. Its been sitting inside the garage a long time but was working when swapped out of the car it had been in. Got a member who's a shop teacher to do that one and we hope to learn about plastiguages and other ins and outs of engine check up. Hopfully it will be a case of open it up, have a look and button it back up again. I doubt it but that's the hope, the original engine was 1622 so we're giving up a bit of capacity but this is 'budget' rebuild. That'll take us through September and then I hope to have a metal shaping course in October and get some rpairs done to the body. That's getting a bit ahead of ourselves so I'll sign off for now. Just thought I'd rattle the bushes a bit and say hi....
Regards all


This Austin pick up belongs to Melanie McComber it has had a total frame off  restoration.


This is John Pel's 1968 Austin Pick up, with the A60 engine. They were built until 1971 when the Austin Marina station wagon took over.


This collection of LUVs is owned by Jack Waters
"The 61 A35 I purchased at Mini mania, from a parts clerk who had just decided that morning to sell it to pay for his college entrance. I had initially
 just stopped to get a muffler for the Morris traveler, obviously the most expensive muffler I have ever purchased. It is still unrestored, and shows
 41,000 miles on the clock. The 49 Austin pick-up still waiting for a slot on the rebuild list, no promises at this time, but hopefully next fall. 
The 36 Morris 8 roadster was changed into a pick-up by myself when I got it back and it had been altered to datsun power. I had always
thought that this would be an attractive change, so took advantage of the fact that it had already been changed and made these alterations. 
Everything can be easily reversed, and I did get the original drivetrain back from the previous owner. As age slows me down, and the demands
of the farm, I realize that I cannot keep pace with the maintenance requirements of so many vehicles, so am considering thinning out the fleet.
I would like to pass on the 2 Morris "8"s to someone who will enjoy them as much as I have for the last 40 years. An offer on the order of
$25,000 for the pair, plus all the parts in my possession would be considered, if you know of  a collector interested. Regards" Jack.

This Restored Austin Loadstar tank truck belongs to the Midway BC, Volunteer Fire Department. It currently resides in the museum in Midway BC.


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