Here are some photos from the 2006 English Car Affair in the park, I will be adding more pictures and details soon.


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Vehicles in photo Clockwise from the top at the flagpole;

1963 Commer camper van (Robert Brodie),

Austin A40 pickup (Jack Waters),

1963 Triumph/Standard AtlasMajor (Ian Cox),

1951 Ford Thames E83w pickup (Les Foster)

1965 Carbodies taxi (Al Thompson),

1962 Austin Gipsy 4wd (Glenn Kemp),

1961 Bedford Dormobile camper (Chris Caleb),

Civilian Landrover used by U.K. forces at Suffield Alta.,
Austin A30 Light commercial  van (Jack Waters),

1955 Standard Vanguard pickup (Bob Tibbo),

Commmer Superpoise 30cwt. flat deck (John Beresford),

Austin Minimoke,

1951 Commer express delivery van (Ian Cox),

1960 Bedford van (Brian Bishop)




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