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  Brian Bishop sent these pictures of a Leyland Comet it currently resides in Ladysmith.

This is a 1940 Standard Motor Company Flying 10 Utility, from Australia.
As you my well know, Australian factories assembled British cars from parts "Completely Knocked Down" (CKD) they called them. This presented the opportunity to come up with some derivatives not seen anywhere else.

The attached photo is of a Ford Thames pick up located near Grande Prairie. I've been trying to locate the owner for a long time. It is for sale, and I'd love to have it. Always regretted not taking one which was available here a few years ago and which is believed to have gone to the USA now.  Do you know of anyone in the Grande Prairie are who may be able to help me track it down? Any suggestions appreciated.

Well, what do we have here? Perhaps the oldest British LUV in Canada!
I have sent details of this Morris 8 to the Morris Register in the UK  and they have verified that Morris Motors did not supply a "woody" type body. The chassis and engine numbers provided indicate that it began life as a Morris 8 Series One van!
 It's presently located in a used goods shop in the central interior of BC, came from Quesnel in 1959, and is for sale at an unspecified price around $10,000.
What do you think, is it a LUV? It certainly was one.

This yellow Austin A40 PU street rod was seen in Oak Bay, No info available.

The unusual Morris Minor was seen in Havana, as were the blue Ford Squire and the Beige Hillman Husky.

"Attached are two vans in the Keremeos area.  Both were new in Penticton and are now retired on a farm along with many other non-running vehicles in similar condition. I believe the Green one is an Austin and the red one a Morris. I'm quite familiar with both of them as I discovered them in different locations more than 25 years ago, hiding in Penticton. Each of these vans is restorable, but the current owners are unlikely to do so, and they wish to be anonymous. That means I am the contact person for any enquiries." Ian Cox