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This 1950 Morris Cowley Pick up belongs to Bill Sharpe of Victoria BC

Morris J type van, owner Charlie Grahn


On it's way to being new again.



Morris pickup conversion

Model: Morris 8

Owner: Jack Waters



1950 Morris Commercial van.

Model: J2

Owner: Steve Diggins

Location: Vancouver, BC

This extremely rare 1959 Morris J2 belongs to Paul Griffin (more details coming!)

This 1971 Morris minor van belongs to Marty Loken of Nordland Washington.

"Attached are a few photos of the van, taken by the previous owner (in California). I took delivery yesterday, here on Marrowstone Island, near Port Townsend, WA. The van spent almost its entire life in the UK, having been imported a few years ago by the previous owner. It's RHD, of course, but I know nothing of its history in England. At some point it was repowered with a 1275 cc Sprite/Midget engine, which appears to have been rebuilt....but who knows when? My plans are to use the van as my shop vehicle, carrying woodworking tools to and from the Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-op, where I'm involved in classic-boat restoration work. The van has the usual rust issues in lower panels. It came with a collection of rust-repair panels, which I'll employ, but the two doors really need to be replaced. (At least it would appear to be easier to simply replace them, rather than doing what would be extensive repair work....since lower areas of both doors are far gone--to the point that the lower hinges are barely hanging on!) If anyone in the LUV group might possibly have replacement doors (from a 4-door Morris Minor, most likely), I'd be most appreciative of any leads that you or others might have. (I don't need to find perfect doors--just some that are not badly rotted or otherwise trashed.) Thanks, and best regards."

Marty Loken


This 1961 Morris pick up belongs to Larry McMillan of the south Island branch of the OECC. It is now

FOR SALE I checked it out at the Fathers day car show. Excellent restoration!

This picture was taken at the Los Angles All British car show. Is that Jay Lenno?


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